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October 2021 

I am currently standing for election to the Ivors Academy Members' Senate. You can read my candidacy statement below. If you are an Ivors Academy member, you can vote for me. Your support would be massively appreciated!


To learn more about my background, please visit the About page. 

My core values are centered around partnership and empowerment: these are integral to my cowriting, teaching, coaching and leadership practices. In these roles, I have worked with many hundreds of writers and artists of all ages and career stages. I am committed to cultivating supportive, ambitious communities of creatives, which encourage creative risk-taking, self-reflection, ownership, accountability and continuous self-development. I recognise every interaction – conversations, writing sessions, meetings, classes – as an opportunity to create and hold space in which individuals can challenge and resource themselves, so that they can authentically develop experience that equips them for creative and professional success. 

I am currently working as a mentor for the Ivors Academy & Help Musicians Co-Pilot scheme. 


As a leader, I have 15 years of experience of supporting and developing creative music professionals in both the charity and education sectors as well as, of course, the music industry. This includes experience in both operational management and strategic governance. I believe that my values and ethos align perfectly with the Ivors Academy values of inclusivity, generosity and collaboration. I also believe that these values are increasingly important in the context of a music industry that is continually and rapidly evolving and diversifying. More than ever, creatives need to work together to resource one another to create opportunities – and to mitigate threats! I believe I am well placed to make a proactive contribution to the vital work that the Ivors Academy undertakes in these areas. I would be delighted and honoured to have the opportunity to do so.  


Fun fact: my great Aunt, Hazel Whiskerd, designed the Ivor Novello statuette!