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I offer 1:1 mentoring. If you would like to start writing songs, to develop your songwriting skills or help with overcoming your creative blocks, please contact me.

"Jonathan is a fantastic teacher, songwriter and colleague. He is open, honest, supportive and an inspiring creative to his students. He is passionate about his music and guiding other musicians with their songwriting development. He is very knowledegable and a pleasure to work with." 

James Brister, Artist Manager and Industry Liaison at ICMP London. 

"Thank you, Jonathan, for showing me what songwriting is all about! I never imagined that I could be so free to explore this space with you. With the tools that you are teaching me now I know that I will be able to capture my audience in a more powerful way. I am excited for our journey and thank you each day for your professionalism and faith in my work."

Pritz, musician and writer

"The environment Jonathan created made me always feel welcome, valued and not judged. The insights I gained have informed my songwriting work and, using the concepts of narrative transformation, I’ve begun to create a method of repositioning myself in relation to my creative practice. All this couldn’t have been done without Jonathan’s guidance."

Dan, musician and writer

I am currently working as a mentor for the Ivors Academy & Help Musicians UK Co-Pilot scheme. I am also a partner with creative coaching start-up, In The Blood, a small but growing team of expert coaches and mentors whose ethos is focussed on creativity, possibility and empowerment. 

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